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You get cavities when   plaque, builds up on your teeth, slowly destroying the hard outer shell, called enamel. Cavities usually detected  by the dentist  at the regular dental check up  prevent more complicated damages.before , dental fillings were only made of unsightly metals. Thankfully, those days are behind us. Now, dentists are able to create invisible porcelain or resin fillings that are a match to your specific tooth shade.

At  Findlay Creek Family Dental,  a variety of restorative solutions will be proposed and discussed, especially when filling will be visible, our team happy to help you.

Tooth chipping

An accident can cause a chip. Your dentist may recommend a crown if the chip is large, bonding with a strong resin material to replace the area that chipped.

If you’ve chipped or fractured a tooth that has been repaired by your dentist, odds are you have undergone cosmetic bonding. Most people are unaware they have even experienced a cosmetic procedure when visiting the dentist. And since it is easy to apply, dentists now use it as one of the most popular procedures for improving the appearance of your teeth.

At Findlay Creek Family Dental, you will experience the ultimate care we provide to our patient make the restoration that fits your situation


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