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Cracked Tooth 


You’ve got a cracked molar. Can your dentist save the tooth? It depends.

Crowns are a secure cover that is placed over top of an existing tooth. They are recommended when the tooth has become very damaged or has experienced a lot of decay.

Dental crowns cover the entire tooth, all the way to the gum line. They are made of tooth-coloured, strong materials like dental composite and porcelain.

At Findlay Creek, we offer crowns constructed with CEREC® technology. This technology allows us to prepare a crown in minutes, meaning that patients typically only need one appointment to complete the procedure.

Usually, the dentist will take impressions of the tooth to be crowned, then send those impressions to a lab where the crown will be manufactured. But with CEREC® technology, we can take digital measurements of the tooth and produce a crown on-site.

Crowns can offer a great deal of protection against further tooth decay or damage. They are strong and fairly long-lasting.


Bridges are another way to replace missing teeth. They are secured to your existing teeth using crowns. They can be installed quickly, generally taking only two appointments to complete.

When the dental bridges are fabricated, they are colour matched to your existing teeth, helping to ensure that your smile is consistent and natural looking.

Bridges can be used to replace as many as ten missing teeth. They work by fixing the artificial tooth or teeth in between your existing natural teeth. The artificial teeth are securely attached to the teeth on either side using crowns.

After they have been attached, you’ll be able to chew and speak normally.

Cracked Tooth
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